T.Byron K. 2013


Project End of Days began in 1999 as a poetry project that spanned several decades at that time. The collection of poetry by T. Byron Kelly was mostly in hand written form still at that time with the exception of the published manuscript for Poems of The Infinite Dream. Project End of Days was turned into a book in 2005 in an attempt to capture the slow progress of translating the 13 volumes of hand written poems into manuscript form. By 2020 the blog at LiveJournal had over 1000 poems from the collections of Notebook Poems, Faith of Heart, Poems of the Infinite Dream, Wish List, Midnight Poems, The River of Swans, Advent Alpha, Advent Omega, The Beginning of The End, Light & Shadow, Va. West Va. Poems and Vandalia. This revision of Project End of Days is a comprehensive view of over 30 years of poetry and an attempt to archive this substantial volume of work in a single frame.

Welcome to Project End of Days @ LiveJournal
Visitors here will be able to view a cross section of poetry
spanning over 30 years.
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Highgate September Angel

Books of Poetry/Poems

Good books of poetry & poems are really eternal as William Blake and
Jim Morrison noticed; they are not to be read just once like a library book,
but meant to be lived with and read many times over.

Highgate September Angel

The Beginning of The End

The rain
soaked roses
all fade into a
last promise
of Summer/
High searching
Crows resound
into grey
& majestic columns
of cloud
just beyond
last light.
By darkfalling
the rain was
surely as sad
as Longfellow's
cold tears
sent [again]
of Heaven.

T.Byron K. 2013

The Beginning of The End

Wandering mists
greet me like
chilled ghosts
on my way home
before midnight/
Beside an empty
garden gate
the fragile petals
are newly scattered
w/in a tender rain.
The forgotten firefly
may still signal

T.Byron K. 2013


Faith in nothingness is still a belief- It just ends with oblivion and the self exaltation and absorption that put one there.


T.Byron K. 2013

Poems Written In Heaven

I remember William Blake considered that all of his poems were already written in Heaven beforehand, all he had to do was be open enough in his imagination to receive them. Bukowski also talks about poetic inspiration “like waiting for the next bus to arrive”.
T.Byron K. 2013

Project End of Days

Many times my older poems require some adjustments during the editing process.
The poems often go through chrysalis stages. Project End of Days has been a way to organize,
draft, revise and finally archive a collection of poetry that began in 1987 and is still ongoing.
T.Byron K. 2013

The Beginning of The End

Silvery streaming
rainlight shines
so like Heaven's
last remnant of tears
or bright as Longfellow's
snowdrops when the year
was [still] &  pale with cold/
Lost days,
& an old Love gone
like a forgotten poem
now & to forever
left unspoken.